Need The Freshest Local Produce?  Call the producedude!

Need The Freshest Local Produce? Call the producedude!

Starting next spring, A&A will begin distributing our own line of local sourced produce under the brand producedude.

We Rooted

A&A Produce has been providing the Myrtle Beach area with fresh produce and restaurant supplies since 2002. Our commitment to providing quality products and service has allowed us to increase our service area to include Charleston, Florence, and this year, Wilmington. Our service, selection, safety measures, and online ordering are on par with the industry leaders. We’re proud of all we have accomplished, and many people would be content with our level of success. However, our leader, Andy Kemp has never been one to let the grass grow under his feet.

Increasing fuel prices, Covid restrictions, and extreme weather have caused numerous disruptions for the produce industry over the last few years. Prices and supplies can fluctuate drastically on a national scale. Andy wanted more control over his inventory, so he came up with an idea. A&A could contract with local farmers to provide the best quality produce to the Myrtle Beach area.

Local Produce Tastes Better

Since producedude products won’t travel around the globe before they arrive at local venues, they can stay on the vine longer. That means sweeter, juicer, and better tasting dishes for Myrtle Beach diners. Most chefs will agree that local ingredients make the tastiest dishes. Getting your fruits and vegetables quicker also keeps valuable nutrients such as vitamin C and antioxidants from degrading during storage and transportation. Less transportation needs means a smaller carbon footprint, which is good for the environment. It also reduces the use of plastic packaging and single use containers.

Stay Tuned

Over the next few months, we will be releasing more information on our partners and coming products. If your Charleston, Myrtle Beach, or Florence restaurant or bar needs the best ingredients for tasty dishes or crisp cocktails, follow our social media channels, or call the office to learn more about our commitment to great service and quality produce.