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Food Safety Is Serious Business

Food Safety is paramount to our joint success. A&A Produce fully realizes the importance of ensuring every item we sell is safe for public consumption. We have regular unscheduled inspections by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, and we are pleased to always receive a score of  “Excellent.” 

To meet our own high standards of food and health safety, we elected to undergo a comprehensive third party audit with the Safe Quality Food Audit (SQF). SQF is a rigorous food management system. It is the only certification system recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  A&A Produce is proud to have recently received a 99% on our recent Safe Quality Food Audit.

A&A Produce Company meets the following standards for Food Safety:

  • A&A Produce has a recall team and can track recalled products to our customers within minutes.
  • A&A Produce elects to have a computer program that provides the capability of tracking items for recall and notifying customers in less than an hour after a determination is made for a recall.
  • A&A Produce elects to be in compliance with, and registered under, the BioTerrorism Act of 2002.
  • A&A Produce is HACCP certified.
  • A&A Produce holds the SQF certificate
  • A&A Produce uses tracking labels on every box of produce we receive for ease in tracking in the case of a recall.
  • A&A Produce employees are put through a rigorous training program relating to food safety.
  • A&A Produce elects to have 24/7 monitoring of our facility with 16 cameras placed through the building to ensure there is no tampering of product.
  • A&A Produce has a documented and approved Food Safety, Crisis Management and Recall Program.
  • A&A Produce has a 24/7 thermostat monitoring program to ensure acceptable temperatures are maintained for our products.